CATS: The Musical — and more!

by Lauren Simons

Lauren Simons smiling
Lauren Simons

As VAMPY starts off full of energetic campers, the counselors have been brainstorming different activities. After dinner every evening we have Optionals, which are different activities the campers sign up for. Some of the offerings Monday evening were friendship bracelet-making, ultimate frisbee, summer solstice crafts, and yoga.

One of my fellow counselors and I chose to host a musical-themed CATS Optional. To start off, we had a round of karaoke in which we sang “Memories” (the best song from Cats). We then learned some of the moves from “The Rum Tug Tugger.” While the campers were hesitant to participate at first, they came around eventually and had a great time. We then moved on to singing karaoke to “The Circle of Life” from The Lion King and watching snippets from the movie.

Then, on Tuesday morning at 6:30, I led the campers who had signed up in a morning run around campus before we headed off to breakfast. These early-rising enthusiasts are great examples of the campers’ excitement and energy, and with three weeks to go, we counselors have many more activities planned to make this the best camp possible