Preparing for the Talent Show

by Mario Hernandez

Mario Hernandez smiles
Mario Hernandez

The SCATS 2021 talent show is fast-approaching, with campers itching to get on stage and showcase all of their talents.

The talent show practice was held Tuesday, the evening before the talent show, with campers presenting the names of their acts as well as giving a sneak peek of what they would be doing the following day. It’s safe to say that with a diverse population at camp comes a diversity of talents.

Speaking to the campers while lugging a heavy keyboard all the way to the auditorium put the dedication that they have to their crafts into perspective for me. I spoke with a camper about his journey practicing martial arts, which he has done for seven years, almost half his life. A few campers talked to me about how they had been playing the piano for so long that they had memorized the music they’d be showcasing for their peers.

While some of these talents have been developed over years of training and practice, other talents are ones they have learned during their time at camp, including skills they have learned in their classes which they enjoy doing and do well.

The talent show is a wonderful exhibition of our campers’ skills, a showcase during which they will receive loads of support. We are excited for a night of impressive acts, beautiful music, and lots of laughs.