Lots of Laughs at the Final SCATS Optionals

by Baylor Hill

Baylor Hill wear a basball cap and smiles.
Baylor Hill

Optional activities in the evenings are one of many staples of the SCATS experience. After a day of learning across four class periods, the campers unwind by doing an activity planned by a pair of counselors. Creating Optionals for my campers is one of the most rewarding parts of being a counselor, and being able to share those experiences with SCATS campers is what I most look forward to every day.

One of my favorite things about the last ten days is how much laughter I have shared with the campers. After a difficult year, there is nothing these campers deserve more than being able to laugh with friends, and being able to inspire some of that fun is an awesome feeling for me. On Tuesday, we ran a Four-Square and Kickball Optional for the campers who wanted to spend time outside doing something athletic. Although playing games was the main purpose of the Optional, what the kids enjoyed the most was being able to cut up with their friends.

My favorite moment was during the kickball game when a camper who hadn’t been paying attention for a moment during the game had the ball kicked right into his hands. He unexpectedly caught it and then screamed, “I caught it! I can’t believe it!” No one else could believe it either, so we all stopped caring about the game and just started laughing. Moments like these make being a camp counselor worthwhile.