SCATS Is Full of Talent

by Chloe Banaszak

Chloe Banaszak
Chloe Banaszak

On Wednesday night, we had our annual talent show. For many campers, this event is one of their favorites out of the entire two weeks. The campers saw 29 acts in almost two hours, and they loved every minute of it. The audience was amazed at the range of different acts that they saw. Not only were they able to see us counselors act like fools on stage, but they got to see different sides of some of their best friends that they may not have seen before.

The show started off strong with comedy by Joseph McNealy, followed by many singing and instrumental acts. The audience of peers was very receptive, laughing and cheering along to support the performers. Jackson Braun and Calvin Brooks were one of the audience’s and my favorite acts. They did an act called “Clowning” and ran around the stage performing different slapstick comedic skits. The Clowning class here at SCATS definitely inspired these boys to create this act, and they even wore the clown makeup they had put on during class that day.

The show concluded with more musical acts. An audience favorite was “Love the Way You Lie” performed by Kate Jarboe. The audience was able to interact with her rapping by singing the parts of the song that she did not, and many campers loved being able to participate. Overall, the talent show was a huge success.