Optionals Focus: Candy Crush

by Melina Durham

Melina Durham smiles
Melina Durham

After a weekend filled with planetarium visits, water fights, and cookouts, Monday was a return to normalcy for SCATS campers. The students went back to classes and went back to eating their favorite food at the Downing Student Union.

The counselors all prioritized making Optionals fun and engaging for the campers. We had noticed that the campers show a large interest in a wide variety of games. so we decided to do video game-themed Optionals/activities. However, that does not necessarily mean the campers just played video games — this was merely the theme.

We had activities titled Minecraft, Fortnite, Candy Crush, Fatal Fury, Trivia Crack, etc. For Fortnite, the campers built forts out of cardboard boxes and blankets. For Minecraft, they were instructed on how to build different types of arts and crafts. Counselor Sam Vitale and I had an optional titled Candy Crush based on the popular iPhone game. For this optional, the campers sat at tables as if they were at a fancy dinner and ranked different types of candy. At the end, Sam and I added up all the rankings. The campers had plenty of fun and got the opportunity to eat their favorite candy and get to know each other while doing it. All in all, as Optionals come to an end, I believe Monday’s theme will be the most memorable.