Halloween in June?!

Elisha VanZant smiling
Elisha VanZant

by Elisha VanZant

On Wednesday, as we rolled into the second half of our first week of SCATS, we had our first entire-camp activity: a comedy show special brought to us specially by Brad Tassell, father of counselor Darby Tassell. It was titled Ultimate Halloween Party and included a variety of music and jokes with co-host Steve Goodie.

All campers filled into the Great Hall as we connected to our comedy show via a Zoom meeting. The music-filled performance engaged the campers, especially when Brad Tassell, dressed up as Count Dracula, taught them a dance. All around the room, campers and counselors stood up and danced with their friends. Brad and Steve started each song with a repeating chant of different candy names, including Snickers and Twix. The comedians sang songs wearing a wide array of costumes. Soon, the entire group of campers begins to clap in (and out of) beat with the songs. A chorus of laughter from the campers followed all the jokes, and by the end, everyone was immensely entertained.

At the end of the show, our campers had the opportunity to come to the front of the room and ask the comedians any questions. To our surprise, campers began telling their very own jokes. Camper Joseph McNealy asked, “Why did the chicken cross the road?” and then gave the brilliant response, “He was going to KFC.”