A Tuesday Evening Full of Fun

by Lauren Simons

Lauren Simons smiling
Lauren Simons

The evening of day three of SCATS was a blast.

After dinner, campers were ready to take on Optionals, including a highly-anticipated live-action game of Clue. In this Optional, campers were able to play detective and figure out which person was the murderer. It was a big hit with the campers because it allowed them to use their skills and wits in a unique way. Fellow counselor Chloe Banaszak and I hosted a friendship bracelet-making Optional, during which Chloe taught all the participants to make a bracelet from thread and give it to a new friend. We all sat around and listened to music while crafting for an hour.

Afterwards, everyone reconvened in their halls for Community Time. The campers had 45 minutes to hang out, play cards, and chill with their new friends. To wrap up the night, they finished off with Hall Time before lights out at 9:30. My campers chose to play an intense game of Hangman and a round of cards. All in all, evening was a great time for the campers!