Optionals Focus: A Bug’s Life

by Darby Tassell

Darby Tassell smiling
Darby Tassell

Anyone who knows me knows I have a passion for entomology and creepy-crawlies of all kinds, so fellow counselor Sam Vitale and I planned an event on Tuesday for our Scampers to learn about the insect life on campus. However, the rain foiled our plans, so we postponed the outdoor adventure and watched the Pixar classic A Bug’s Life instead. I provided my insect expertise at relevant points in the movie, and some interested campers flipped through my arthropod field guide. Most of us had not seen the film in a long while and got much more invested than we had expected! Hopefully we can have the full entomology experience during a later Optionals time and teach interested campers about the arthropods that live all around us.

The movie continued into community time, during which some campers asked me, because they had heard I liked bugs, to examine a firefly they were concerned about. I encouraged them to release it back into the wild, as I could not give a conclusive diagnosis. Later, during floor time when we were discussing what we liked and disliked about the film, counselor Clara Manning and I used my bug net to rescue a moth from our floor, and I offered my services for any future bug relocations. Though Tuesday evening was not the exciting outdoors experience we expected, we still slipped in some indoors entomology education and adventure.