Final Nights, Ultimate Fun

Myles Maxon

by Myles Maxson

The last few nights of camp are always filled with a whirlwind of activities as we attempt to fit in as much fun as possible before sending the campers home. On Wednesday night, campers attended the SCATS talent show where they watched 22 acts including singing, dancing, card tricks, and even an exceptionally impressive display of clowning. The show was directed by four campers who served as emcees, putting on a number of entertaining skits in addition to introducing each act.

Thursday night is shaping up to be just as action-packed. The SCATS banquet, a semi-formal dinner with lots of delicious food, is always a great way to send off our departing campers. After the banquet comes the dance, where campers will have one last opportunity to let loose with all their friends before saying goodbye. I remember clearly how apprehensive I was about the dance in my first year as a SCATS camper, but the the event ended up being one of my favorite parts of camp. It’s such a unique opportunity to build confidence and have fun in a judgement-free environment.

Finally, after the dance, campers will return to their dorms, where we will watch a slideshow chock-full of pictures from all the great moments of camp. It’s the perfect capstone to a great night, and an even better two weeks. Thanks so much for giving me the opportunity to get to know these campers. It’s been a wonderful ride.