Lights! Camera! Action!

Mary Reilly

by Mary Reilly

SCATS may be coming to a close, but the fun hasn’t ended yet! Tonight, campers are taking the stage to perform their hearts out at the 2019 SCATS Talent Show, and campers and counselors alike couldn’t be more excited. This year we have over 40 campers performing in 22 acts, including juggling, K-Pop dancing, singing, instrumental solos, comedy, and seven dancing vegetables with bellybutton hats,. In addition to introducing each act, emcees Mac Bettersworth, Matthew Feragola, Lillie Green, and Caden Lucas, all in their final year of SCATS, will be performing an original SCATS-Idol-themed skit throughout the program, during which they will determine who will be SCATS next Top Head Counselor.

Campers spend much of their time at camp engaging with each other in the classroom, but SCATS is about so much more than just academics. SCATS is a place for campers to try out new things, discover more about themselves, and embrace who they are without fear of judgement. The Talent Show not only provides campers with a venue to share their passions, hobbies, and talents with their friends, but also presents campers with a much more important opportunity — the chance to push themselves far past the boundaries of their comfort zones. We look forward to seeing all the campers’ acts and their expressions of pride and joy that are sure to follow, as certain as the applause.