A Fashion Show for Everyone

Hailey Morris

by Hailey Morris

SCATS campers have been eagerly awaiting tonight’s banquet and dance. Each camper brings a unique personality and sense of style to this camp, and we love to see them displayed at the banquet. It is a night for campers to be celebrated for all of their academic and personal accomplishments — and to dress up in a way that reveals who they are.

On our hall, counselor Emily Leamon and I held a fashion show earlier this week for our campers to show off their banquet outfits. Emily brought out a speaker and played stylish music for the campers to walk to. The hallway was their runway, and we were their personal fan club. We stood on either side and cheered each camper on as she walked to the beat in her incredible banquet outfit. Eventually, all the campers began clapping and cheering for their friends. When reaching the end of our runway, each girl hit a pose that brought a smile to everyone’s face.

At SCATS, being your own person is celebrated. The campers have varying interests but are always accepting and kind to others. A fashion show is a great way to have the campers showcase the one-of-a-kind qualities that make this camp what it is.

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