The Final Optionals: Gee, K-Pop is Dope!*

Alexa Davis

by Alexa Davis

It’s amazing how quickly a two-week camp goes by. Suddenly there are two days left, and you’re holding onto every little moment, willing it all to last longer. I felt this way yesterday as we had our last Optionals of SCATS.

If you have been keeping up with the blog posts, you may have read Sydney Wheeler’s post about Scrat and thought, “These counselors have some weird hobbies.” Yesterday I decided to share one of my interests which is uncommon at SCATS but is in no way weird by world standards.

Counselor Mary Reilly and I hosted an active Optional called K-ola, a spin-off of the name of the cultural powerhouse musical genre called K-Pop. We listened to famous Korean pop groups such as BTS and Girl Generation, and, since the choreography is as important to this genre as the music itself, we of course danced, too. We followed along with the choreography in the videos, everybody mimicking a different group member, and when the talent of the K-Pop groups exceeded our capabilities, we switched to a camp favorite, the video game Just Dance.

There was some mumble and grumble from the peanut gallery when they realized we were listening to unfamiliar music instead of playing Ultimate Frisbee or drinking immense amounts of Coke, but it was worth it when several kids came up to me and said, “That was surprisingly fun.” I was so happy to share my interest and introduce them to something new. And camper Sharon Kim, K-Pop aficionado, was over the moon.

To echo Sydney, some of the most memorable camp moments come from allowing yourself to give in to fun and adventure. To quote American pop-singer Pink, “Don’t get fancy, just get dancey. Why so serious?”


*Editor’s note: the K-Pop song title references in the title of this post are dedicated to Alexa, Mary, and Sharon

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