Optionals Focus: SCATS and Scrats

Sydney Wheeler

by Sydney Wheeler

After a weekend chock-full of fun activities such as the SCATS Olympics, Paper Theatre, and, for many campers, a first independent laundry experience, SCATS campers got back into the regular swing of things on Monday. Following classes, hall time, and dinner, our busy Monday evening continued as campers and counselors met up for evening Optionals, which included such schemes as Dad’s Day In, International Affairs, Paranormal SCATStivity, Cleaning Up Schneider, and Music Room.

Lex Davis and I led Scrat, an optional inspired by the quirky squirrel from the Ice Age movies and WKU’s booming squirrel population. As Bowling Green natives and WKU regulars, Lex and I were determined to help our campers spot Bowling Green’s famed white squirrels. Many campers are quick to propose that these fluffy creatures are albino variants, but white squirrel enthusiast know that these elusive creatures are a genetic morph all their own. Lex and I laced up our hiking boots, fashioned our cardboard binoculars, and led our campers on an adventure. As we roamed campus, our campers perfected their squirrel calls and searched high and low to spot some “scrats.” Our campers enjoyed the adventure of our Optional and were able to explore many parts of WKU’s beautiful campus that aren’t visited while passing from class to class.

Some of my most memorable experiences as a camper at SCATS and VAMPY were in Optionals that seemed just a bit too odd to be real. Now, as a counselor, I understand why such bizarre Optionals can be so important. Optionals that are well out of the range of convention help campers connect and build lasting memories — the activity itself is far less important than the fun our campers have and the friends they make while enjoying our unique schemes.