Capo Fine

by Owen Harkins

Yesterday evening, campers prepared for their last night of SCATS 2018. After their second-to-last day of classes — classes finished the next day — campers got into formal wear for the SCATS banquet. Pictures of each counselor together with their group were taken outside the hall before going inside for dinner. After a few words from Dr. Roberts and thanks given to teachers and counselors, everyone sat down to eat. In addition to the meal, the SCATS Singing 101 class performed several songs for the entire camp, including some Disney favorites.

Everyone briefly returned to the residence hall to change into lighter clothes for the dance, and then enjoyed dancing together with their friends, both old and new. While very few campers would self-describe as dancers, everybody had a good time whether moving to the beat or just seeing their friends and playing cards.
After the last song — Toto’s “Africa” — everyone went to Ransdell Hall to see the SCATS slideshow and revisit some of their favorite camp memories, with everything from classes and meals to the Olympics, Talent Show, and Paper Theater. Campers returned to the residence hall afterward ready to go to bed to rest up for the last day of classes.

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