Astronomy class exploring our solar system and beyond

Josh Keeling
Josh Keeling

Hello, my name is Joshua Keeling and I am the TA for Astronomy under instructor Ken Cook.

I grew up in the city so my night skies were drowned out with city lights. It wasn’t until my late teens that I truly got to look up and see all the stars so clearly. I don’t believe I have ever looked at the sky and not asked a question.

I am super excited for the astronomy class and all the opportunities students will have for exploration. We will delve into the far reaches of our solar system and then go even further. The campers will get to build their own telescopes that they will get to take home and share what they discovered with friends and family underneath the starry sky.

We will be traveling to Huntsville, Alabama, to visit the rocket museum. We will have a special guest visit from Bob Summerfield, who is a freelance astronomer with some powerful telescopes which the campers will get to use during the star gazing party he will be hosting.

All in all I have no doubt that the campers will have a hands-on, minds-on, fun experience this VAMPY camp!

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