First full day excites VAMPY campers for next three weeks

Tori Edwardson
Tori Edwardson

It’s been two days since the VAMPY campers first moved in, and things are starting to settle into a routine. While Sunday was full of reunions, introductions, and countless ice breakers, Monday brought the first “regular day.”

A regular day warrants the six hours of class campers have every weekday, optionals, and study hall. The classes offered at VAMPY are vastly different than what most students will have the opportunity to explore within their normal schooling, with subjects ranging from Nazi Germany and the Holocaust to Pop Culture. Campers will leave with an extensive knowledge of unique subjects and skills; students in Humanities will learn about both historical and modern art and literature, while students taking the Revolutions course will discover how the course of history has altered our daily lives.

After classes are finished for the day, VAMPY campers have the opportunity to sign up for optionals, otherwise known as “mandatory fun,” in which they select an activity to participate in for about an hour and fifteen minutes following their dinner. Optionals are a wild card—sure, there are your typical activities, like ultimate Frisbee or friendship bracelet making, but there are also optionals titled Mo’ Money, Mo’ Problems, MoMa and Cribz. I always encourage my campers to take the optionals with the unusual names; though they may sound confusing or zany in nature, they often become camp favorites.

Today brings another regular day, with the campers continuing to learn new and exciting things in classes and later returning to their counselors for another fun night of optionals, lastly followed by study hall, where the students have an opportunity to work more on projects for their classes or do additional research. We counselors can’t wait to hear all about their classes and show them what wacky optionals we have planned for them today!

Camper Chloe Babaszaki learns how to make a friendship bracelet in an optional titled "CTF: Capture the Friendship." (Photo By Tori Edwardson)
Camper Chloe Babaszaki learns how to make a friendship bracelet in an optional titled “CTF: Capture the Friendship.” (Photo By Tori Edwardson)