Talent show allows for new camper-counselor dynamics

Niven Achenjang
Niven Achenjang

Although SCATS is coming to a close, excitement still fills the air. Today, the SCATS talent show is finally upon us, and campers and counselors alike are thrilled. It promises to be a fun filled night with plenty of interesting acts.

To get a sense of how excited we all are, remember that optionals are fun daily, evening activities counselors organize for campers. With all the big events coming up (talent show, dance, etc.), yesterday was the last day of optionals, and campers performing in the talent show had to use their optional time to practice their acts. You would worry that this would be a deterrent from performing, as the campers really enjoy optionals, yet we still have nearly 30 acts lined up for this evening. Clearly, the campers are thrilled.

The talent show will be more than a stage for kids to show off their talents; it will be a venue for all of us, campers and counselors, to come together, enjoy ourselves, and bond. Campers will get to spend time with their fellow campers – both their best friends that they see everyday in class and on hall, and the ones they’re still getting to know as they only consistently see each other during lunch – and counselors will get a moment to remove the veil of authoritative figure and put on the veil of entertainer as some of us take the stage with acts of our own.

Seeing each other perform and hanging out together tonight will allow us to get to see new sides of each other and will be a fun experience for everyone.