Optionals are as varied as the campers themselves

Aaron Bard
Aaron Bard

With the second week of SCATS already underway, our campers are transitioning from a weekend of fun back to the classroom. But just because the weekend is over doesn’t mean that the fun has to stop.

With four classes each day, our campers are taking part in many learning experiences. SCATS offers a plethora of classes for students to take, ranging from a class about clowning to the study of motion and physics. While these classes are a main component of the reason that campers attend SCATS, the residential aspect of camp is what makes the experience truly unique.

Every day after classes, once campers come back from class, they meet with their counselors to discuss the day. We go over how classes went that day, what campers liked or disliked, and what the plans for the rest of the day are. After these meetings, the campers are assigned times to go sign up for the optional activities for the evening. The counselors think up the optionals for each evening during our morning meeting, ensuring that the ideas are both fresh and a little bit spontaneous. We offer both active and non-active optionals, ensuring that each camper has the opportunity to do something that they’ll enjoy.

For example, the optionals for Monday were as varied as the counselors themselves. We offered several active optionals, such as A Star Wars themed capture the flag variant, Ultimate Frisbee, and American Football. There were also non-active optionals, such as watching Say Yes to the Dress and nail painting, a salsa activity with chips and dips, and musical training for the SCATS talent show, which takes place on Wednesday.