Camp gets ready to take the dance floor

Meredith Bickett
Meredith Bickett

With  SCATS quickly drawing to a close, one of the most anticipated aspects of camp also approaches: the dance. Campers will take the dance floor to cut loose, show their wackiest moves, and probably do a whole lot of jumping around. Like the rest of camp, the dance is a great place for campers to break out and unabashedly be themselves without fear of judgment.

In anticipation of such an awesome event, counselors lead plenty of activities to prepare. Song requests are taken, ranging from line-dancing favorites to Weird Al’s “White and Nerdy,” a camp classic. Meanwhile, optionals like Twisting With Excellent Rhythmic Kinetics teaches campers some new moves and lets them practice their dancing skills before the real deal. The preparations continue during hall time, when counselors and older campers teach first years the steps to the “We Can’t Stop” dance, which has been passed down since 2013.

The dance is also a fashion extravaganza, and counselors are searching for the funniest, weirdest clothes they can find. They dig up gold lamé blouses, funky prints, and 80’s workout gear in hopes of impressing (or at least amusing) campers with their excellent style choices. With all the excitement and planning, the dance is sure to be a great success.