SCATS campers learn about the Gatton Academy

Emily Powell
Emily Powell

Time is flying by here at SCATS! After a fun-filled weekend, the campers were excited to get back into a normal routine of classes and evening activities. Before optionals on Monday, however, the campers had the opportunity to learn about The Carol Martin Gatton Academy of Mathematics and Science.

Leading the discussion was Zack Ryle, the Assistant Director of Admissions and Public Relations. The campers especially enjoyed watching a video that featured many of the current and past counselors who attended Gatton. Zack was happy to answer the camper’s many questions about the residential high school, and was excited about the amount of interest shown in the room.

To finish the evening, counselors led a variety of activities, from “Say Maybe to the Frock” (a play on the popular show, Say Yes to the Dress) to “American Futball,” a fun mix of soccer and football.

Tuesday night will mostly be spent preparing for the talent show, one of the most popular events at SCATS. As one of the counselors in charge of running the event, I am so excited for these talented campers to show off their gifts! The performers will get time to practice during Tuesday’s optionals, before the big night on Wednesday. Although it seems like camp is nearing the end, the fun is definitely still going strong!