First three days of SCATS packed with high points

Lauren Pedersen
Lauren Pedersen

Although it is only the third day of camp, the 58 hours spent at SCATS have transformed the campers into expert navigators of campus, masters at the art of friendship bracelet making, and professionals at maximizing the food options at meal times. We have an eventful day ahead filled with classes, optionals, and our first phone time (parents, expect lots of calls).

The third day of camp has also brought with it many new friendships. The “warm fuzzy board” where students can write nice messages to their peers is full of colorful pages scribbled in pen, and campers are pulling up chairs to fill every table to its max capacity. Every night before room checks, my campers play “two highs and a low” where we describe two good events in our day and one bad.

Despite the 90 degree weather, walking to class in the pouring rain, and hiking all the way up the hill, my campers still found it difficult to think of a low point in their day. In fact, they even found it difficult to stay within the suggested “two highs” limit and instead averaged around five or six before I insisted it was getting late, and we should move on to the next girl.

Throughout the week, campers have learned many “life lessons” from the counselors including the art of interior design, how to be a princess, and the skills it takes to be a ninja warrior. As counselors, we are anxiously planning fun-filled activities for the weekend as well as trying to sneak in the occasional nap while the campers are in class. I look forward to see what the rest of camp has in store.