Campers share experiences with parents during phone time

Harsh Moolani
Harsh Moolani

The third full day of classes brought a sense of comfort and excitement. The campers now not only understand the layout of campus and how to maneuver easily between their classes, but also have familiarized themselves with other campers. They have acquainted themselves with campers who share the same thrill for computers or for Harry Potter. Despite the recently forged friendships, campers continue to actively extend a hand and welcome a more introverted camper to their lunch table.

The second full day of camp was filled to the brim with activities. It was kicked off with an early morning run at 6:30 a.m., where 25 eager campers ran and walked at a brisk pace around South Lawn. After the students were tested academically and mentally in their captivating classes, numerous campers were ready to expel more energy in their respective optionals. The fast paced games of ultimate frisbee, soccer, and capture the flag served as a great method to connect campers and promote exercise and teamwork. Other campers took time during optionals to learn “How to be a Princess” or to perform “T-shirt Surgery.”

After their “mandatory fun”, the campers headed to community time where they interacted with other campers. Whether it was via intense card games, friendly tosses of the Frisbee, or intellectual conversations, the campers strengthened their friendships.

Campers also got their first vocal communication with their parents since move-in day during “phone time” last night. Despite the lack of communication with family and friends, the campers continue to happily go throughout the day while reveling in all of their classes, activities, and social interactions.