Exploring the fine art of friendship bracelet making

Jacob Couch
Jacob Couch

After a day of classes that could be described as anything other than regular or dry, SCATS campers took part in various activities led by the 17 counselors such as ultimate frisbee, cards, and friendship bracelet making.

Leading an optional making friendship bracelets, I assisted campers in learning the fine art of artisan macrame, instructing campers on bracelet techniques like the basic stripe and chevron patterns. Whereas my male campers were not pleased with the prospect of friendship bracelet making, the female campers were much more optimistic, getting great pleasure from making jewelry for their friends.

Unfortunately the fun was short-lived. Mother nature had other plans, forcing campers to return indoors. However, not even this could kill the campers’ spirits. Their upbeat attitudes never wavered and we had fun even after being forced inside. This was an encouraging sign to me. Even when plans changed, the campers never stopped trying to have fun with new friends. Their smiles remained as intact as the new bracelets they were rocking.

We as counselors are excited for the rest of camp and we couldn’t ask for better campers or friendship bracelet makers!