SCATS campers have conquered rain, lightning, and heat

Courtney George
Courtney George

The second day of classes were met with sunny skies and sleepy eyes. The excitement of the first day of class and making new friends meant many riveting conversations in the resident hall last night. Roommates are bonding, classmates are conversing, and hallmates are swapping friendship bracelets.

With the sunshine comes the ability to be outdoors. After classes end, students will go to dinner and then have the ability to call home. After phone calls are made and parents are consoled, campers can do optionals outdoors. Activities include soccer, capture the flag, how to be a prince(ss), and Avalon. The optionals allow students of all interests and abilities to have fun and meet other campers.

After optionals, campers will move into community time where they can hang out with friends without the structure of a formal activity. “Roomtime” starts at 9:45 pm, ensuring campers get plenty of sleep before their third day of classes.

Since this is my first year as a counselor, I was afraid that things would be a bit rocky starting out; however, everything has been super smooth. Campers have conquered rain, lightning, and the heat, and have learned why WKU students are called “Hilltoppers.” I am so excited to continue to get to know the campers and have tons of fun!

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