Be a Writer class starts strong

logoSpecial from Bonnie Honaker

The SCATS Be A Writer class is off to a great start!

The block class has 10 writers – five students are going to be 8th graders next school year and five are going to be 9th graders. The seven girls and three boys arrived at the WKU campus ready to become a community of writers. Most of the class members are from cities in Kentucky, but one student is from out of state (Oklahoma).

After some “get acquainted” activities on the first day, students were talking and laughing as if they had been friends for a long time. In class, campers are reading Transall Saga and listening to My Life in Dog Years, both books by Gary Paulsen.

Students have completed an autobiography and are currently working on a “Where I Stand” personal essay. Each day begins with QTQs (Quick Thinking Questions) and then a Quick-Write (3 minutes). As a group, we are learning to “read as a writer.”

Along with this, the students are exploring Smiley Face Tricks – tricks published authors use to spice up their writing. As you can see, we have been quite busy over the first two days and I am certain the momentum will continue!

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