Counselor’s Corner: July 7th

emilyAfter a weekend completely packed with fun activities, the campers got back into the regular swing of things as we started the last week of VAMPY. This part of camp is always bittersweet as the week will hold some of the camper’s favorite activities but it will definitely fly by!

Due to a trip to Preston Center, the baseball game, and then the weekend, we had forgone Optionals for four days. Luckily today broke that streak and the kids were able to enjoy such activities as Capture the Flag, Antique Roadshow, and Karaoke. Not so luckily, we had to call the end of Optionals a little early because of inclement weather. However not to fear, fun was still had as many used this extra time to bond with the other campers on their halls through playing games and watching movies. It was wonderful to see all smiles inside despite the storm outside! I know the rest of the week will run just as smoothly, but I’m certainly hoping for all sunny days ahead!