Counselor’s Corner: July 3rd

kristenIt’s the second week here at VAMPY and the kids are getting a little restless from being in the classrooms, so on Thursday¬†evening, we took them down to the Preston Center to work off all the extra energy (and maybe that extra slice of pizza or ice cream come).

Activities at the Preston Center included opportunities to swim and dive in the natatorium, and play a lot of court sports including volleyball, basketball, ultimate frisbee, soccer, and the general favorite, wallyball. Wallyball is similar to volleyball in that the goal is to get the ball over the net, however, there is no out. Every wall or ceiling is fair playing space, and the kids love it. For the less than athletic campers, there were intense card games and friendship bracelet making activities occurring in the lobby. We’re ready to gear up for the third and final week at VAMPY, and there will be many more exciting activities to come!