Counselor’s Corner: July 7th

After a weekend completely packed with fun activities, the campers got back into the regular swing of things as we started the last week of VAMPY. This part of camp is always bittersweet as the week will hold some of the camper’s favorite activities but it will definitely fly by! Due to a trip to Preston […]

Counselor’s Corner: July 3rd

It’s the second week here at VAMPY and the kids are getting a little restless from being in the classrooms, so on Thursday evening, we took them down to the Preston Center to work off all the extra energy (and maybe that extra slice of pizza or ice cream come). Activities at the Preston Center included […]

Counselor’s Corner: Funday Sunday – VAMPYstock

Parents, I’ve just been enjoying the activities that have been going on this year at VAMPY 14.  This weekend was no exception. Sunday we had campers go to the churches they signed up for and then we had VAMPYstock, which is a day of activities themed around the famous Woodstock. We had a free speech wall, […]

VAMPY 2014 Recap: Final Projects are Receiving Final Touch-ups

Welcome back parents and guests to The Daily Update!  Each day we will post the classes we took pictures of right below a brief summary of the day (like you see below)!  If you did not see your child today, keep checking in, as we will be taking pictures of different classes each day throughout […]

Teacher’s Talk: Teenagers on Film

The students in Teenagers on Film had three busy days of film production last week. Each group visited locations all over the WKU campus in order to get their shots, and several students (as well as some counselors) performed in the films as actors and actresses. This week, the film students began editing their footage. […]

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