Teacher’s Talk: Presidential Politics (June 26)

Thursday morning, we analyzed how historians rank the presidencies of Nixon, Ford, & Carter.  We watched a short clip over Nixon & Ford’s years as President.  We then watched a great debate between President Gerald Ford (played by Izzy) & Governor Jimmy Carter (played by Jack).  Both students did an outstanding job as the class voted Carter the winner of the 1976 presidential debate.  We then examined the presidency of Jimmy Carter by looking at the major foreign policy & domestic issues that shaped his presidency.

After lunch we discussed & examined a court case during the Carter years that dealt with Affirmative Action ‘Regents of the University of California v. Bakke, 1978′.’  Students then went to the library to compare the recent affirmative action court case involving the University of Michigan.  After we came back from the library, we finished examining the rights of minority groups during the late 1970s & we watched a short clip over the Carter administration.  We ended the afternoon session by discussing the issues involving immigration reform.

Thursday night during study hall, students did a ranking task activity involving the presidency of Jimmy Carter.  Today, the students will take their first assessment over the presidents & court cases we covered this week.  We will also get to see two students (Lily & Tiffany) role-play Jimmy Carter & Ronald Reagan during the 1980 presidential debate in addition to examining the first term of Ronald Reagan.

Dennis Jenkins

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