Counselor’s Corner: Day 4

eileenThe week is coming to an end but the fun is just beginning. Thursday, the campers went to their classes as they have been all week. After classes, students checked in with their counselors and went inside to briefly meet up with their friends. They checked the warm fuzzy board and exchanged friendship bracelets, both of which are becoming more numerous as camp progresses. After that, the camp went to dinner at the Fresh Food Company, but a delay was met as people from other camps at WKU were finishing up their dinner. Our dinner ended thirty minutes later than planned, but that still gave the campers enough time to get back to the halls, grab their study hall stuff, and then go to the outdoor Twilight Concert Series in the Fine Arts Center Amphitheater. The theme for this performance was called “Liberty and Justice For Y’all” and featured many arrangements of patriotic songs. After the concert, the students went to study hall for an hour. Their nights concluded with community time and hall time, winding down a fun but relaxing night.

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