Teacher’s Talk: Anatomy and Physiology (Day 4 – Tissues Practical)

We began Thursday’s session learning about different types of muscle tissue and their functions, as well as the characteristics and appearance of nervous tissue. We then used microscopes to view prepared slides of these cell types and diagrammed them in our lab notebooks. After our morning break, we completed a graphic organizer where we compared and contrasted characteristics, functions, locations, and physical appearances of the 17 different tissue types we had studied.

Upon returning from lunch, we did an interactive review which allowed us to practice identifying images of the different cell types. The day ended with our first “practical” exam. We looked at 20 numbered microscope slides and had to determine which type of tissue we were viewing, and then answered an additional 45 questions about the different tissue types. The assessment was very challenging, but the scores were outstanding! During study hall, we began reading an interesting novel, Survival of the Sickest. Here are some photos of us taking the practical.