VAMPY 2014 Begins!

Hello Parents, Campers, and Guests,

zackIt is hard to believe that VAMPY starts Sunday! My name is Zack Ryle, and I want to briefly introduce myself to each of you reading, as I will be the main blogger for The Center this summer.  I serve as the Coordinator for Communication and Technology within The Center for Gifted Studies and during the summer camps, my job is to take pictures and videos of the students throughout the day, upload them to our Flickr account, write a post to our blog here, and share that post to our social media accounts.  My main goal is to make sure parents can see what is occurring during the summer camps from their homes.  I thoroughly enjoy keeping you all informed and taking pictures at all times during the summer camps.

I will not be the only blogger however, as I am just one person and there are SO MANY fun things happening to tell about each day.  Teachers and Residential Counselors have also been given the opportunity to post new stories each day on fun things that happen inside and outside of the classroom. Any blog written by a Teacher will start with “Teacher’s Talk” and any blog written by a Residential Counselor will be called “Counselors Corner.

If you have any questions about the blogging or the photos, please feel free to contact me at