Teacher’s Talk: Manifest Destiny and Settling the West

Slide back in American history before the West was won. Experience the expansion of America through the various perspectives of Native Americans, Settlers, and Railroad investors. Analyze the affect technology and economics had on settling the West. Finally, decide if expansion of the United States was good or bad. What impact has Manifest Destiny had on your life?

Hello, my name is Laureen Laumeyer and I’ll be facilitating a session on Westward Movement and its affects on various groups of people!  I’m excited to be spending this time with your child.

Now a little information about myself.  I received my bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education from Western Kentucky University, my master’s degree from NOVA Southeastern, and I’m a Nationally Certified Board Teacher.  I currently teach social studies to a group of Fabulous Fifth Graders and love the energy and questions they bring to learning.  On a personal side, I have three grown children who live all around the United States and one adorable grandson too far away in Little Rock.  My dog, Ella (named after Eleanor Roosevelt) is my faithful companion.

Looking forward to a great two weeks at SCATS!