Teacher’s Talk: Photography-It’s All in How You See It!!

Hi! My name is Toni Baldwin and I am so excited to be teaching photography at SCATS this year! I am a Gifted and Talented teacher in Hardin County and absolutely love every minute of it! I have been able to teach photography at our Super Saturday programs with our Gifted Middle School students and am really looking forward to sharing my love of it with other interested students. This class will be an introduction course into how a photographer, no matter the camera quality, can make visually stunning photographs with the right composition and view point. Students will find they can create an image with their camera phone that could easily be mistaken for one taken with a $6,000 camera! Photography is absolutely all about how you see it!

Now, a little about me, I have been in education in some capacity since I was 21. I have taught all grade levels, 1st through 8th, and have found my niche is with the middle school students. I have a great interest in photography, but my biggest passion is absolutely helping students create those “ah-ha” moments that they will remember for a lifetime. I am married to my best friend and have 2 dogs and a cat. Aside from teaching and photography, I love anything outdoors and having fun in everything that I do is a top priority.

I am really looking forward to getting to know you all and helping you create photographs that you have only dreamed of being able to take!

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