The First Day of Classes Is In The Books!

What a great first day of classes we had at SCATS 2014!  Students were clearly having fun in each of the classes they were in today.  From Science РDiscover It to How To Write A Better Book, students were engaged and active in all of their classes.

Each day we will post the classes we took pictures of right below a brief summary of the day (like you see below)!

#2 Art & Architecture (Period 3)

#3 Art From All Angles (Period 1)

#11 Wheel Throwing (Period 3)

#12 Creative Writing (Period 4)

#14 Forensics (Period 2)

#15 Freedom Stories (Period 2)

#16 Greek Mythology (Period 4)

#19 Manifest Destiny (Period 2)

#20 Mixed Media (Period 3)

#25 Science – Discover It (Period 2)

#28 Think You Can Write A Better Book (Period 4)

#30 World Mythology (Period 4)