Counselor’s Corner: What a GREAT first Day!

eileenThe campers’ first official day of classes and activities is done! Students started off with breakfast at the Fresh Foods Company and then headed off to classes for the day with an hour lunch breakĀ at noon. After classes, the campers signed up for mandatory “optionals,” which are variousĀ group activities run by counselors. Some of the activities were Capture The Flag, Theater Games, Extreme Campus Tour, LARPING (which is Live Action Role Playing), Ultimate Frisbee, Minute-2-Win-It, and Crafting Friendships.

The active, outdoor optionals were the most popular among campers, but that didn’t mean the campers were tired. In fact, they still had plenty of energy for community time. Community time lasts for about an hour outside of Florence Schneider Hall and the students are allowed to go through the common areas and hang out with their friends. After spending a whole day in class and meeting a lot of new people, they finally had a time to talk and get to know everyone. There were card games going on in the big area on the fourth floor of Florence Schneider Hall, while frisbee and volleyball games were happening out on the front lawn. After community time, the students went back to their halls and socialized for a while longer before coming down to a calm, relaxed end to an exciting and eventful day.