Teacher’s Talker: Chinese Medicine (Chinese Day 5)

  • Today we had the privilege of receiving a lecture about Chinese medicine from Dr. Yin. I learned many things that I had never even thought about before. For example, cattails are edible! There are many herbs right in your backyard that can be eaten. We also learned about Yin and Yang, and the importance of balance. Because of this, I will now be more aware of my daily activities and how I may maintain balance. ——- Tori
  • Today we learned about traditional Chinese medicine. It takes a lot of involvement from the patient, such as having balanced diet. They use many herbs that can be found in a common backyard, as well as using acupuncture. It is very interesting because of how difficult it is from western medicine. ——- Andrew
  • Today I learned about traditional Chinese medicine. Apparently, unless medicine has to be used, you eat various foods to cure and prevent ailments. Some foods are thought to be more Yin and some more Yang. Depending on your levels of Yin and Yang you eat different foods. That way you are balanced. It was very interesting, and I’m glad I got to learn about traditional Chinese medicine, especially since my mom is a doctor. ——- Katrina
  •  An expert on Chinese medicine visited us today. I already knew some of the basics she was talking about such as Yin and Yang, but she began to elaborate on the subject of Yin foods and Yang foods. Among how to make dandelion dumplings, I learned that I should be taking in more Yang foods such as coffee. ——- Graham