Teacher’s Talk: Debate like gentlemen! (Chinese Day 4)

  • Today I participated in a British-Parliamentary Style debate with my class along with the Presidential Politics class. This to me has a lot of fun. I am a bit on the argumentative side, so debating was very enjoyable. I debated on the motion: “Should China and the U.S. work together on the pollution problem in both countries?” I supported this as a member of the government side. It was very interesting to hear all of the different viewpoints on the subject. —– Tori
  • Today we did a BP debate. I was the member of the Opposition on the second motion about cyber security and intellectual property. It was rather difficult because I don’t know a whole lot about either subject. I think I did pretty well – better than I expected at least – and it was lots of fun. Giving a 7-minute speech wasn’t nearly as difficult as I thought it would be, especially since I answered a lot of POIs. —— Katrina
  • In China plants have personalities; “four gentlemen” (Pine, Bamboo, Orchid, and Plum Blossom) especially epitome the ideal qualities for an individual. An orchid grows in the wild where few see it, yet it remains fragrant. As such, people too should keep integrity whether or not anyone witness it.  ——- Sarah
  • The debate turned out pretty alright. I had all these notes I’d taken from the other kids’ speeches and was pretty confident in my own ability. Perhaps I was overconfident, as I blanked out about 20 times, and forgot half of those points I’d written down. —— Graham