Teacher’s Talker: Chinese Medicine (Chinese Day 5)

Today we had the privilege of receiving a lecture about Chinese medicine from Dr. Yin. I learned many things that I had never even thought about before. For example, cattails are edible! There are many herbs right in your backyard that can be eaten. We also learned about Yin and Yang, and the importance of […]

Teacher’s Talk: Debate like gentlemen! (Chinese Day 4)

Today I participated in a British-Parliamentary Style debate with my class along with the Presidential Politics class. This to me has a lot of fun. I am a bit on the argumentative side, so debating was very enjoyable. I debated on the motion: “Should China and the U.S. work together on the pollution problem in […]

Counselor’s Corner: It’s Friday!

Most students woke up around 7:00am this morning as they do on class days. Students got packed up and got “fresh” for their classes and for breakfast. All students went down the stairs of WKU’s campus to Topper Cafe for breakfast where students enjoyed traditional breakfast foods such as eggs, bacon, and even cereal. Soon […]

Teacher’s Talk: Chinese (Day 4 Debates)

The students in both Chinese and Presidential Politics classes enjoyed the British¬†¬†Parliamentary style debate. Teachers as well as students learned a lot from the collaboration. The students were divided into two groups and debated over: 1. Should the USA and China work together to reduce pollution? 2. Should these two countries establish a commission to […]

Teacher Talk: Presidential Politics (Day 4) June 27

Today the students got to be a part of two debates with the Chinese class as they took part of a British Parliamentary Style Debate in which each person got to speak or be a judge in the morning or afternoon session.¬† The topics dealt with United States-Chinese relations as the two countries look to […]

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