Love the Chinese Herbal Medicine and Body Excercises

VAMPY 2012 Chinese ClassIn Chinese class Thursday, we got a chance to not only explore but also experience Chinese herbal medicine coupled with creation-story folktales.

In the morning we focused on language and history. We held a discussion about China’s first and only empress, Wu Zetian, and the great Chinese poet Li Bai. Then we learned about PanGu, the primitive creator and the creation itself. After that, we reviewed language and we happily realized that the whole class was now able to execute self-introduction in Chinese. Finally, we wrapped up our morning with some relaxing Tai Ji, a form of Chinese body exercise, and lab time to work on our debate. The class agrees that Tai Ji has definitely improved our overall health and well being.

VAMPY 2012 Chinese ClassIn the afternoon, we practiced the Chinese dance “Yellow River,” and watched part of Joy Luck Club. Then, we had a visit from an expert in Chinese herbal medicine. She explained the basics of Chinese herbal medicine and even showed us how to perform make-shift acupuncture and body messages. Overall, the class was super interested and immersed in all the Chinese culture we experienced today.