Friday the VAMPY Way

Whether they were traditional Chinese fan dancing, sun gazing, or Dante’s-Inferno reading, our campers had quite a conclusion to week two of VAMPY 2012. Check out all the excitement here!

Counselor’s Corner: Field Trips and the Return of Optionals

After a great cookout that sadly got rained out toward the end, I think all the campers were glad to have optionals back on Thursday. From “Guardians of Sunshine,” an optional that consisted of watching Adventure Time, to “The National Park Service,” during which vegan pancakes were made and enjoyed by all, Thursday’s activities were […]

Logsdon Writing: End of Week 2

Greetings from Writing Class! On Wednesday, the students spent time learning about the popular radio show on National Public Radio called “This I Believe.” To hear the students’ recordings of their own essays, click here. Thursday morning, started out on a spooky note, as the students from Ms. Logsdon’s as well as Mrs. Harper’s writing […]

Love the Chinese Herbal Medicine and Body Excercises

In Chinese class Thursday, we got a chance to not only explore but also experience Chinese herbal medicine coupled with creation-story folktales. In the morning we focused on language and history. We held a discussion about China’s first and only empress, Wu Zetian, and the great Chinese poet Li Bai. Then we learned about PanGu, […]

VAMPY on View from the Hill

Thursday’s installment View from the Hill — a weekly TV segment on local station WBKO — featured our very own Rube Goldbergineering class and instructor Dr. Nielsen Pereira! Thanks to Amy Bingham for visiting VAMPY and giving our campers some well-deserved attention.

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