Counselor’s Corner: Field Trips and the Return of Optionals

Counselor Nicole Heimerdinger
Counselor Nicole Heimerdinger

After a great cookout that sadly got rained out toward the end, I think all the campers were glad to have optionals back on Thursday. From “Guardians of Sunshine,” an optional that consisted of watching Adventure Time, to “The National Park Service,” during which vegan pancakes were made and enjoyed by all, Thursday’s activities were a success.

The campers on field trips couldn’t partake in the activities on campus, but all of them had stories to tell once they got back at varying hours of the evening. Campers in Physics and Astronomy had a great opportunity to see the Space Center in Huntington, Alabama. They all had great experiences that really helped tie an outside experience to their class. The Nazi Germany class took a whirlwind trip to the Holocaust museum in Washington, D.C. They returned late Thursday night and were much too tired to talk about their trip until Friday morning. By then, they were all ecstatic about the trip, and I expect that it added a lot to the class discussions. Sustainability also took a trip to a land fill which isn’t quite your ordinary day trip. All of these experiences were well worth the travel and time. I have held on to my memories of VAMPY field trips for years, and I know these kids will too!