Counselor’s Corner: First VAMPY Saturday

Counselor Kristine Song
Counselor Kristine Song

The counselors thought it would be fun to plan an Olympiad since it is an Olympic year. We had two tournaments, one for soccer and another for dodge ball. Many signed up for the tournament in groups of five and picked a country to represent. Some showed up dressed in their dodge ball gear (from the movie-Dodge Ball), and others were dressed to represent their country. For those of us like me who would rather not get hit by a ball, we had Olympiad stations—Frisbee toss, sponge race, water balloon toss, miracle, Ancient Greek thinkers, tea time, flag making, olive toss, Cornhole, seed-spitting, whipped cream race, watermelon seed spitting, and eat doughnut hanging from string. Needless to say, it was a blast!! However, when the heat became too intense, we knew we should cut the Olympiad short and get everyone inside.

We all went back to our respective halls and had hall time/shower time/phone time till it was time for dinner. After dinner was Paper Theater. We randomly assigned the campers into 12 groups, and each group was assigned one of the following themes—The Gingerbread Man: Pirate style, Snow White: VAMPY Style, Cinderella: Mean Girl style, The Little Mermaid: Hillbilly style, Goldilocks and the Three Bears: Shakespeare style, Jack and the Beanstalk: Slasher film style, The Wizard of Oz: Opera style, Little Red Riding Hood: Anime Style, The Three Little Pigs: foreign film style, Sleeping Beauty: Army boot camp style, Beauty and the Beast: Twilight style, and Hansel and Gretel: James Bond Style. Campers were to act out the story in the respective style, and everyone partook in the improvisation. Everyone did excellently, and we had a great night watching and laughing with each act. First VAMPY Saturday= Success!

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