Counselor’s Corner: Paper Theater

Counselor Harry Chalmers
Counselor Harry Chalmers

Every year, campers and counselors gather in an auditorium for one of the most celebrated camp traditions: Paper Theater. What returning campers already know and what first-year campers soon find out, is that Paper Theater is a unique experience. It is somewhat like improvisational acting, but with a few twists. First, different groups of campers are given different fairy tales to act out, each set to a particular theme. Second, campers must use newspaper and tape to make costumes and props.

Acts that one is likely to see at Paper Theater include the Tale of the Gingerbread Man (pirates style), Cinderella (southern style), The Wizard of Oz (opera style), and Snow White (VAMPY style). One of the coolest aspects of Paper Theater is the way in which campers get the chance both to express their own creativity and to see other campers express theirs. “I liked it,” said Mitchell, reflecting on the experience. Another camper, Sam, stated that Paper Theater was “fun, interesting, and filled with clever acts.”

I remember my own experiences as a camper in Paper Theater as experiences that helped me come out of my shell and meet new friends. Most of all, Paper Theater was simply a time to have fun. It’s always rewarding to see how paper theater continues to be to others what it was to me.