Counselor’s Corner: A Sunday So Super It’s Worth Talking About Tuesday

I know it’s Tuesday today, but I have to reminisce for a moment about SCATS Sundays, which were always my favorite camp days. The free time, the double optionals, movie night, and, of course, the grill out, what could be better?

Counselor Matthew Coleman
Counselor Matthew Coleman

The grill out at Red Zone is a classic SCATS tradition that captures the best parts of camp, including the ingenuity of the counselors (Will and Joseph) who cooked more than 250 burgers in two hours, the patience of the kids who waited for them to cook all those burgers, and the awesome Red Zone staff who supported us throughout our escapades. It is also a great time to socialize outside in the nice weather. Since the tables are smaller, you get a really good idea of the different social groups. It always brings a smile to my face when I see campers move from table to table, talking to and meeting new friends the whole time.

Later we took the entire camp to the fourth flour for movie night. We watched Pixar’s Up — a true classic of our time. The wonder of Ralph matched the wonder our kids in classes every day.

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