SCATS 2012 Week Two Begins

The second week of SCATS 2012 is in full swing, and our campers are hitting their stride. Here are some snapshots from the Hill this week.

Counselor’s Corner: Excitement for the SCATS 2012 Talent Show Builds

Tonight is arguably one of the biggest nights of SCATS, and campers are already gearing up for their talent show acts. With 23 acts and numerous skits performed by this year’s fabulous MCs, the show is sure to be packed full of brilliant entertainment. The suspense has campers and counselors anxiously waiting for the curtain […]

Counselor’s Corner: A Sunday So Super It’s Worth Talking About Tuesday

I know it’s Tuesday today, but I have to reminisce for a moment about SCATS Sundays, which were always my favorite camp days. The free time, the double optionals, movie night, and, of course, the grill out, what could be better? The grill out at Red Zone is a classic SCATS tradition that captures the […]

Bill of Rights: It’s Getting Deep in Here

Campers in the Bill of Rights class have at last moved into the thick of our topic. The pace and passion of our discussions (uh, debates) have increased to exciting levels as we have defined and analyzed the 10 Bill of Rights amendments. Today, we explored the origin, practice, and controversy surrounding the judicial review […]

Be a Writer: Week 2, Day 2

“Good writers are unique.” That was today’s slogan, as we began day seven of our 10 days together. We spent a large portion of the day today in the lab preparing our writings for publication in the anthology.  Other activities included brainstorming a title for the anthology, quiet writing / reading time, Smiley Face Tricks, […]

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