Counselor’s Corner: A Stream of Consciousness

Counselor Jakob Vejr
Counselor Jakob Vejr

A few nights ago during community time, I had the luck to have a fantastic conversation with campers Zane and Rose. We were out on the balcony, and the sun was setting. Rose said, “The sunset looks like a bruise,” and she was right. Struck by her poetic sensibilities, I told her that it could be the lyric of a song. In my mind, this phrase serves as a synecdoche for the conversation as a whole. It immediately induced the topic of the sad songs played during animal adoption commercials, which led quite nicely to popular culture. From there, our attention turned toward the sky once more, and Rose and Zane both expressed a certain uneasiness with the vastness of space and the metaphysical implications of astronomical knowledge. Zane is particularly taken with the metaphysics of  time: “If you think about it, there really is no beginning to time.” I shared my understanding of Kant’s categories of human experience, and Rose quoted Descartes in French. Zane, however, seems to be interested in a sort of Aristotelian understanding of the unmoved mover, which existed before everything and was the First Cause. From there, the conversation touched on perpetual motion machines, airplanes, the 2012 Mayan calendar, childhood writings, and rich hippies. The depth of thought in this conversation was impressive to say the least, and I hope to have more conversations with these interesting campers.

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