Counselor’s Corner: It’s Thursday at SCATS

Ayla Townsend photo 1

Counselor Ayla Townsend
Counselor Ayla Townsend

Hello to all parents, friends, and family! The week has gotten off to a great start and things continue to be outstanding. The kids are loving their classes and activities that we have planned for them. Tonight we’re going to see a band concert at the amphitheater lawn for Flag Day. We are so excited planning weekend activities that all the campers are sure to enjoy. We are also fortunate that all the students remain in good health and good hands. Your children love and miss you, and to all the fathers reading this, the campers have been talking about the big event on Sunday and can’t wait to wish you a happy Father’s Day. In the meantime, here are a few of the photos I’ve taken this week. Check out more of them in today’s gallery.

Ayla Townsend photo 2Ayla Townsend photo 4Ayla Townsend photo 4
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