Lunar Thinking: Planning for Life on the Moon Begins

Today, in Lunar Thinking, students began the design process for their lunar growth chambers. Yesterday, we did some computer research on designs, materials, food sources, and energy sources. There are quite a variety of designs! Tomorrow students will begin constructing small models of their designs. We will be able to test our chambers to see […]

Counselor’s Corner: “Folding Crane, Sitting Dragon”

Yesterday fellow counselor Jake Inman and I led an¬†origami optional entitled “Folding Crane, Sitting Dragon.” Counselors like to come up with funny and perhaps slightly confusing names to make optionals more exciting and interesting for the campers and themselves. This optional included children with a wide range of experience, some new to origami and a […]

Counselor’s Corner: It’s Thursday at SCATS

Hello to all parents, friends, and family! The week has gotten off to a great start and things continue to be outstanding. The kids are loving their classes and activities that we have planned for them. Tonight we’re going to see a band concert at the amphitheater lawn for Flag Day. We are so excited […]

Seven Wonders: Seven Ancient vs. Seven New

Yesterday students worked to share with their peers how the Seven Wonders came to be.¬† Synergy dominated our room, and students stepped it up as they spoke in front of the class. We then used iPads and computers to discover the seven new wonders of the world. It’s amazing how much the old coincide with […]

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