Counselor’s Corner: “Folding Crane, Sitting Dragon”

Counselor Taylor Koczot
Counselor Taylor Koczot

Yesterday fellow counselor Jake Inman and I led anĀ origami optional entitled “Folding Crane, Sitting Dragon.” Counselors like to come up with funny and perhaps slightly confusing names to make optionals more exciting and interesting for the campers and themselves.

This optional included children with a wide range of experience, some new to origami and a couple that I consider experts. As a novice myself, I was extremely appreciative of and impressed by the willingness of the more experienced campers to assist me and others who were having trouble. Every camper was successful in making at least one piece of origami, and it was incredible to see all of the children working intently for the entire hour-and-fifteen-minute time block.

By the end of optionals, we had a flock of cranes, severalĀ lilies, a pig, a hummingbird, a number of boxes, an origami person complete with origami clothes, and more. I felt that “Folding Crane, Sitting Dragon” was extremely successful, and I think the campers did too. I’m looking forward to hopefully offering it as an optional in the future.